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AdaptIVe represented at EUCAR Conference



AdaptIVe joined the European Council for Automotive R&D (EUCAR) annual Reception and Conference on November 4th in Brussels, Belgium. This year almost three hundred participants from the European Commission, governmental institutions, automotive suppliers, research providers and universities gathered under the theme “Connected to the future”.

 AdaptIVe Booth @ EUCAR Conference

At the related exhibition, AdaptIVe showcased a highway demonstrator for the first time to a broader public. An Audi S6 passenger car customised to the needs of AdaptIVe is equipped with long and medium range radars, ultrasonic sensors, cameras, laser scanners, V2X communication and active steering, breaking and accelerating. This vehicle will be used for development and testing of several automated applications like enter & exit highway, stop & go, lane change and overtaking.


At the dedicated booth AdaptIVe coordinator Aria Etemad and Jens Langenberg, leader of the sub-project Automation in highway scenarios presented the project and the demonstrator vehicle to European stakeholders, among which Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Günther H. Oettinger and EUCAR Chairwoman Anke Kleinschmit, Vice President Group Research and Chief Environment Officer of Daimler AG. Also a project poster and a video offered visitors the opportunity to learn more about the project.


EUCAR provided participants with a platform to exchange thoughts on R&I needs and ideas through interactive discussions as part of the conference. Aria Etemad, Volkswagen and Luisa Andreone, CRF, leader of sub-project Automation in urban scenarios moderated two of these discussion groups “Automated Vehicles” and “Driver-Vehicle Dialogue”, both being very well attended by leading experts on connectivity and automated driving.

AdaptIVe demonstrator @ EUCAR Conference

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