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Milestone on use cases


In 2014, the AdaptIVe consortium reached three important milestones: the project defined use cases, system requirements and initial system specifications.


Following the development of an appropriate notation system, key stakeholders came together to work on the use cases to be realized in AdaptIVe. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Braunschweig, Germany facilities provided an excellent opportunity not only to create use cases, but also to try out different scenarios in their IdeElab driving simulator.


Use cases show the flow of events which represents the interaction between driver and system in several driving situations. Closely related to them are the system requirements. Whereas use cases define the behaviour of a function, requirements define the functions with regard to key aspects of the to be developed demonstrator vehicles. This includes automation level, procedures for activation or de-activation, presence of driver monitoring, cooperative functionalities, sensors and actuators.


The definition of functional requirements is a first step towards the system specifications. Those are the initial definitions of sensors, processing units, human-machine interface devices, communication technologies and vehicle actuators per each demonstrator vehicle. Going beyond the requirements, they form the basis for the definition of the system architecture.


Also, a pre-selection of the vehicle models for the demonstrators was done. Altogether, this way a solid background was developed to deploy the supervised automated vehicle functions in AdaptIVe for close-distance, urban and highway scenarios.

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